Sunday, June 22, 2008

Conduct Rules For Sadhakas

Conduct Rules For Sadhakas

In the practice of meditation the practice of self-restraint is essential to succeed in attaining spiritual progress; therefore, here is introduce Sixteen Points.

They are not just to bind one, to limit or control. Do not fret against the rules and regulations that Ananda Marga imposes; they are laid down for our own good and to help in our sadhana in developing divine love and self-realization.

Conduct Rules For Sadhakas [1]

1 Observing Painchadasha Shiilas (15 Shiilas) in daily life.

2 Following directions in connection with physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of life given in Caryacarya) Parts 1, 2 and 3)

3 Observing uncompromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ishta, Adarsha, the Supreme Command and the Conduct Rules.

(In addition there are separate conduct rules or householder Acharyas, whole timers, local full-timers, local part-timer, tatttvikas, acharyas and avadhutas.)


1 Ánanda Márga Caryácarya Part 2 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Caryácarya is the samája shástra (social treatise) of Ananda Marga. These three volumes set out both the organization and the cultural basis of the Ananda Marga movement.

Part 2 gives many guidelines for conduct in a progressive society i.e., a society of individuals moving towards the Supreme.